National School Grounds Week

10th to the 14th June 2013

Every year schools across the UK celebrate National School Grounds Week. In 2013 resources will enable schools and settings to deliver their current curriculum objectives through activities outdoors. They will receive materials to help them to experiment with new approaches to learning by taking the lessons outdoors not only during National School Grounds Week itself but in the weeks before and after the event.

Schools and settings will be able to access free resources that will help them to:

  • Celebrate the school or setting and its unique outdoor environment
  • Involve every child in learning outdoors, regardless of age or ability
  • Enable teachers to gain a better, and more sustainable, understanding of how to make the most of the learning opportunities the outdoors offers
  • Engender¬† a sense of community by engaging parents, governors and other interested parties
  • Have fun outdoors!

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