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Caught in a net...

17 January 2017

I consider myself to be a fairly balanced person with a moderate outlook on life, slow to get in a panic and the first to promote the ‘it’ll all come out in the wash’/’keep calm and carry on’ philosophy of...

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Time - the best gift

16 December 2016

o as we line up those tasks that absolutely must be finished by the Christmas break and we wipe the remnants of mince pies from the office tables, shake the crumbs out of the computer keyboards and hide the fact that the tree lights have...

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Ofsted and the Outdoors

26 November 2016

There is a distinct shift in the wind when it comes to the explicit views of Ofsted and the benefits to schools of learning outside.

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Harvesting Creativity - Erika Sager

27 October 2016

Autumn is a busy time. Busy for schools and parents and students. Busy for head teachers and deputies. And, as the light changes and the greens turn yellow, orange and brown, it is a busy time for the men and woman who look after the...

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It's good to be a Womble...

14 October 2016

I visited a school recently that was looking for, amongst other things, a mud kitchen for their school grounds.

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