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Damned with faint praise...

23 November 2015

I had an interesting encounter recently with a Primary Head Teacher who said as part of a presentation on teaching and learning outside that, in his view, ‘the use of the outside space for learning does not detract from the...

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4 November 2015

Or ‘what the dinosaurs did last night….’

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World's Largest Lesson update - film release

23 October 2015

An animation film is one the major elements of the content created for the World’s Largest Lesson.

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What did Ofsted ever do for us?

23 October 2015

One of the repetitive messages that circulate within our sector is the refrain that says if Ofsted were more supportive of learning in the natural environment then schools would find it easier to engage.

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Guest blog - Mary Jackson

12 October 2015

International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) held their first conference to be located in the southern hemisphere in September. Read on to learn more about this exciting event.

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