Advocating learning through nature.


We are working with a number of European countries on a variety of projects, all designed to enable schools and early years settings to take their children outside more often and receive a higher quality of activities.

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One world learning

One World Learning is an ERASMUS+ funded project with Birdlife Partners from Europe. Its aim is to encourage learning through nature to inspire, equip and empower individuals and communities to live sustainably.

It does this by advocating learning through nature and supporting the development and implementation of high quality learning through nature programmes.

Initially this is being done through a shared webpage that will host details of how birdlife partner education staff and external nature education professionals can take part in webinars and events, access research in their field or see examples of how to get children doing more educational activities through nature.


England & International

Training, inspiring & protecting

An ERASMUS+ funded project in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Malta, the Maltese teacher training college and Birdlife Malta and birdlife Spain.

The project will look at what best practice looks like in the early years outdoors. We will be exploring the theories with the college and looking at creating inspiring training and resources which will be used in Malta early years teacher training but will also feature at the International School Grounds Conference in Sept 2020 in Stirling Scotland.



This project works in partnership with environmental education partners from Slovakia, Italy, Spain and the UK to look at profiling the quality of the environment in and around the school.

Teachers from 5 schools in the UK will travel to Italy to learn about technology they can use to support this process and to draw on the experiences of a total of 25 teachers from across Europe.

The end product will be teachers with greater confidence to support others to assess and implement changes to improve the quality of their school environment.

It will provide Europe wide case studies of schools explaining the journey they are on to creating a better environment for their students.


Scotland & International

Change the grounds

Change the Grounds is an ERASMUS+ funded project comprising LtL along with the partners Strom Zivota and INAK in Slovakia and UfU in Germany.

Its focus is supporting primary and early secondary teachers who are looking to improve their outdoor learning provision through activities and/or physical grounds changes.

The project will see the creation of a comprehensive handbook for teachers, which is accompanied by a series of practical online modules and a bank of linked learning activities.


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