Current projects in Wales

Current programmes in Wales

We work with a diverse range of partners to develop projects which enable schools and settings to transform their outside spaces for children. Every project is unique and specifically tailored to the needs of the school, settings and partners we are working with.

Parents as Partners in Play

Our new Parents as Partners in Play programme is funded by the Welsh Government's children and families organisation grant and involves working with children, their parents/carers and early years practitioners in the most deprived areas of Wales to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable young children through outdoor play.

The main activities of the project include:

  • regular outdoor play sessions with children, their parents/carers and early years professionals;
  • workshops and exploration with parents/carers in local outside spaces;
  • training and practitioner-led enquiry with early years professionals to integrate high quality outdoor play and support for parents/carers into their everyday practice.

To find out more about supporting vulnerable young children through play email


Celebrating local fruit-growing and creating traditional orchards in schools.

Wales has a strong and diverse but largely forgotten fruit growing heritage. Apples were cultivated here as far back as the 6th Century AD and over 20 varieties have been identified with connections to Welsh culture and traditions. The loss of traditional orchards in the last sixty years has been significant – and is estimated to be as much as 92% in some regions. The disappearance of this important habitat (supporting over 1,800 associated species) has significant consequences for biodiversity. The Welsh Assembly Government has included traditional orchards in section 42 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006) list of Species and Habitats of Principal Importance for Biodiversity.

Delivered in partnership with a range of local partners, Tyfu is supporting approximately 1,000 children in eight schools in Cardiff, Bridgend, Monmouthshire and Newport to enjoy and take practical steps to conserve the diversity and distinctiveness of local fruit-growing. Working closely with their local communities, schools will design and establish their own school orchards. The Tyfu website provides all the cultural inspiration and technical guidance necessary to support schools across Wales to establish their own traditional orchards.

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