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Construction professionals

LTL helps design and construction professionals transform children's learning and attainment social skills and behaviour health and wellbeing through supporting the design and development of great school grounds.

We work with the construction industry and design teams to support the development of high quality designs which support educational transformation. A growing body of research demonstrates the potential of well designed outside spaces to transform children's learning and development.

Because we bring together a unique combination of educational and design expertise, we are well placed to bridge the gap between schools and designers. This experience has shaped government policy from the very first Building Bulletin on the Outdoor Classroom in 1990 to recent guidance on Designing School Grounds and post occupancy evaluation.

To find out more about how we can help you please get in touch with David Burchett, our Operations Manager:



LTL can help to ensure that both designers and schools are inspired and enabled to push the boundaries of innovative, high quality and cost effective design.

School grounds are a learning environment: Our easy to use audit tool is a quick and reliable way to collect data on the condition, suitability and use of external spaces. Used as a post occupancy evaluation tool it can help to establish whether a school's external spaces are meeting their learning and play needs.

User involvement: Pupils are the ultimate client and our approach makes it easy for you to identify their specific needs. Our specialist techniques and tools ensure pupils and staff are actively engaged throughout the process of designing school grounds. 

Effective design: With our many years of experience of working with schools we have built up an extensive library of design ideas that deliver high quality solutions at low cost.  View a few examples.

Training and CPD: We offer one or two-day training modules for designers which can be delivered as standard or adapted to meet your specific needs.  Find out more about our training.

Making the creative links: Alternatively, you may bring LTL into your team. We understand both the needs of the school community and the requirements of design professionals, and can help develop ideas or offer a new perspective on problems and constraints.


Enhancing your proposal: Illustrate the potential of external spaces with examples of how they can be developed to support learning, across the curriculum. Engage LTL as a 'critical friend', conducting internal reviews to ensure that the designs for outside spaces fully reflect and address the brief or call in LTL to support your pitches by bringing colour and authority, whilst strengthening your offer of a whole-site approach. 

Developing a winning team: We help bring together your whole team to develop an integrated approach that embraces and advances the full potential of the external environment.

Building your brand: We offer you opportunities to be seen to be innovative by working with us on campaigns to promote outdoor learning in schools. To find out more contact Chloe Atkins at

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