Early Years Outdoors Training and Resources

Early Years Outdoors

Take me Out will be supporting the skills of early years and KS1/First Level teachers in outdoor learning and play.

With our partners, we will share our practice and resources for early years education settings - and share the learning with you.

The most public part of the project initially will be to host learning opportunities in all four nations involved. The team will however also be working hard to share our training for staff, play and learning resources and ideas, and confirming learning outcomes through some case studies.

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Take Me Out is a European Union co-financed Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, running from November 2016- January 2018. Our partners are:

Slovakia - http://trochuinak.sk, http://en.stromzivota.sk and http://www.unipo.sk/

Estonia - http://rukkilill.eu/

Denmark - http://www.kk.dk/

Learning through Landscapes

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