My School, My Planet: Facilitator Training

Welcome to My School, My Planet (MSMP) Training

My School, My Planet is an exciting new project to help pupils from marginalised and disadvantaged communities as they return to school. Funded through a Heritage Emergency Fund grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, this project will be delivered in 48 pilot schools across the UK and aims to support schools during the COVID-19 crisis by re-engaging pupils with their school environment, supporting their wellbeing and encouraging a greater connection to their natural heritage.

Through practical, hands-on, nature-based activities that take place in their school grounds pupils will learn to be more aware of their environment and be encouraged to connect their learning with their own cultural heritage. They will explore key environmental issues enabling them to understand better the essential role played by soils, biodiversity and our climate in sustaining our planet for the future. By working with children outside in school grounds, the aim is to leave a legacy of improved school grounds that will continue to benefit the school, connect children to their outdoor heritage and inspire future study of natural history.

What are the learning goals of this online training?

This training has been carefully sequenced to build your knowledge and understanding of the project – each lesson will address a different learning goal and help you develop a concrete understanding of what the project aims to deliver.  After this training you will be able to:

  1. Articulate how you will keep yourself and the children you’ll work with safe.​
  2. Develop a shared language for how we will engage with disadvantaged and marginalised communities in a supportive and sensitive way. ​
  3. Understand how the project will be delivered and evaluated within each school.​


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