Inspiring a connection with the natural world through play, experience and fun.

Early years outdoors

Play is the way that young children engage with and learn about the world around them. For staff looking to extend activities into the outdoors, it requires thought and support to really maximise the rich and varied experiences for the children’s early years.

Our way of teaching

We have led the way on many projects and research in this area, balanced with staff who are practitioners. We have a lot of support available to you, and there are plenty of ways that you could benefit from outdoor learning. Take a look below to find out more.

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How we work with Early Years



Bespoke training that has been tailored specifically for your team, based on your unique requirements.


Early Years Projects

Specifically aimed at getting your early years setting involved in outdoor play and learning.


Site Visits

We come and consult with your early years community, recommending ways to create better spaces.

… and how your settings could benefit from our help:


Upskill your staff team to make them confident practitioners.


Greater understanding of the core competencies of good outdoor practitioners.


Better outdoor areas for enhanced playtime opportunities.

What programmes would be most suitable?

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