Children sellinging their school grown fruit and vegitables at their own market stall.

Enterprise Growing Gardens

Enterprise Growing Gardens (EGG) is a two year pupil-led school enterprise pilot project exploring the food growing enterprise possibilities of school grounds.

The project will support ten schools in London to establish sustainable EGG schemes through on-site workshops, business-to-school mentorships and curriculum linked online resources. Five schools each year will be supported to grow, produce and sell products to local food retail businesses and, where practicable, encouraged to let their school growing spaces as allotments.

In addition to delivery and the development of online resources and case studies, we will be collating and disseminating the benefits and best practice of school grounds growing enterprise schemes.

The project recognises the positive impact that food growing programmes can have on pupil's nutrition and attitudes towards healthy eating and is designed to help address the most frequently identified barriers to food growing on school grounds. Our goal is not only to enhance school grounds and learning opportunities, but to foster an appreciation for the role of biodiversity and the importance of enterprise skills in children's development.

Supported by The City of London Corporation's charity, City Bridge Trust.

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