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We deliver much of our training and funded programmes through our network of LTL Accredited Professionals, enabling us to reach a wide geographical coverage and rapidly take on new projects.

To find out more about our work across the United Kingdom and the world, take a look at our past, current and future projects.

What does the future hold?

Accredited status also provides a level of quality assurance which you can use to help you win your own business.

In order to maintain standards, our network members meet quality assurance requirements through our LtL Professional Accreditation programme. This is two years relevant prior experience, a training programme, practical work and submission of a portfolio.

LtL Accredited Professional’s maintain a membership with LtL as well as ongoing training and certifications.

If you are interested in becoming an LtL Accredited Professional please call us on 01786 465 934 or email

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