Water play

Water play

The great thing about learning outdoor is that you can explore all the elements - including water.

When we were running the topic of water for our three to six year olds, we felt it was important to integrate some outdoor activities into our lessons to enhance the children's learning.

We have developed four stations, each activity last for 10minutes and accommodates 10 children at a time. Each group is led around the stations by an adult and a whistle is blown when it is time to move to the next station. When everyone has finished we come inside for a snack of warm hot chocolate and cookies.

Station one is a rainy day story corner. With umbrellas up children sit around and listen to stories and there is a lot of discussion around vocabulary associated with rain and water.

Station two is all about puddles. The children  are challenged to work out how they might get rid of the puddle using brushes, buckets with holes, spades, turkey basters, sponges bottles and funnels. The children are timed to see how long this takes and this is recorded on a scoreboard.

At station three we test out what floats and what sinks. We predict the outcome before testing this out and record our findings for later discussions. We then have a boat race using boats the children have made in the week before this activity.

The final station is messy water art. We use water, powder paint, water spray bottle, big paint brushes and large sheets to create messy art. We drip water, use dry and wet paint and generally experiment to see the different affects we can make, creating patterns and shapes on a large scale.

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