Rocket Science at The Coombes Primary School

Rocket Science at The Coombes Primary School

The great thing about taking lessons outdoors is that there’s space to experiment.

It is always great to see the pupils get excited about learning and firing rockets into the air is just one of the many activities we do outside that they enjoy. It does take a bit of planning and organisation on the day, but it really only takes a few minutes to set up and then you are on your way.  We ask pupils to bring in their own plastic bottles so we get a good range of sizes and shapes and these can be adapted with fins to ensure a straighter flight path, but you can fire off un-adapted bottles too.

The pupils enjoy trying to work out whether the larger bottles go the furthest or the smaller one and, how full they should be, but most of all they enjoy pumping up the air pressure and watching the bottle fly across the playing field. This is real science in action and gets the pupils thinking about what will happen to the rockets, carrying out experiments to test their theories then evaluating the results. We also used air powered rockets which we can compare with the water-powered ones.

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