Creating giant sunflowers

Creating giant sunflowers

The great thing about taking lessons outdoors is that you can do science on a grand scale.

Teaching pupils about photosynthesis doesn’t sound particularly interesting to everyone but when you create a giant sunflower on the playing field it becomes something special that the whole school gets to see. We use thick plastic cut into the shape of petals and peg it down in the shape of a sunflower. When we return to remove the plastic a few weeks later the grass underneath has turned bright yellow and so the pupils can see that something interesting has happened.

The sunflower is large enough for the pupils to gather all the way around its circumference and discuss why the grass that has been under the plastic has changed colour. With time they also see the green return to the grass and the sunflower disappears. We have also created labyrinths in this way – creating the pattern of the pathways first with plastic, then with the colour changes in the grass marking out the pathway.

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