The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London

The great thing about taking lessons outdoors is there are just some things you can’t do inside!

Asking pupils to see their work go up in smoke might not be at the top of many teachers’ lists of things to do but it is one of the memorable experiences our pupils take part in as part of their work on The Great Fire of London. The first part of the project is to make cardboard houses as they would have been in the seventeenth century – we then lay these out on carpet on the school field. The fire is then started in Pudding Lane and we watch everything burn down. We have to make sure that we plan for safety – part of the lesson is for pupils to understand how powerful fire can be – but we have plenty of space in the grounds for everyone to be able to see from a safe distance.

This is a powerful lesson for our pupils, something that will stay in their memories for a long time. It is something that staff and parents join in with too and it brings everyone together to share the experience of burning London to the ground!

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