How many children does a dinosaur need for dinner?

How many children does a dinosaur need for dinner?

The great thing about taking maths outdoors is that it gives learning a purpose – you can experience what we are learning about in the classroom for real.

I wanted to give the children a sense of scale – to allow them to understand how big units of measurement actually are. The only way to do this is to get outside and measure out a large object – and what better object to use than a dinosaur! We worked together as a class to create a dinosaur using string, metre sticks and pegs and when we had finished we saw how many of us could fit in it’s tummy – how many children did it need for dinner?!

The children loved taking part in this activity and it gave them a good understanding of how big units of measurements are. Creating a real life sized dinosaur allowed them to see the scale for real and when we were standing in the outline it allowed them to link this to themselves and make the learning real.

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