Building with natural resources!

Building with natural resources!

The great thing about taking learning outdoors is that the changing climate offers a range of learning environments!

Our children enjoy learning outdoors whatever the weather, even when it's cold. When we begin to plan our cross curricular experiences, we think about the opportunities leave the classroom and use the natural resources we have on the doorstep. Lessons are no longer experiences that simply happen within four walls. If there is a chance to make it real and meaningful outside, we will try to. Outside is no longer just for playtime & PE but a place for learning and teaching.

Instead of keeping our pupils inside during the snowy weather we went out to experience the snow first hand and use it to support design and technology lessons – by creating an igloo. This proved popular with the local community as well as during playtimes.

The experience of building this on their own encouraged us to continue after the snow had melted and when studying the Houses and Homes topic we hired a real digger so that pupils were able to build their own walls in the grounds.

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