Please don't drop the baton....

10 August 2012

The view from LTL

Absolutely thrilled last weekend with all the incredible excitement and focus on sporting achievement - Super Saturday followed by Super Sunday, I was on the edge of my seat.

So was it Jessica Ennis's amazing success that kept me riveted? Was it Ben Ainsley's nifty tiller work? Was it Andy Murray and his awe inspiring tennis?


Wonderful though these events were, and delighted though I am that our athletes are doing so incredibly well, the thing that kept me sat in the car with the radio on when I should have been somewhere else was Lord Moynihan's statement regarding the Government's need for step change in its sporting policy.

Someone with credibility (Colin Moynihan is an Olympic Gold champion - he knows how sporting legends are grown) and someone in a position of authority (he is the British Olympic Association Chairman) has finally come out and said it.

We have to invest in the sporting futures of our younger generation.

We have to make sure that they have the facilities they need from primary school to be trained, be spotted, be coached, be inspired and be successful.

As he said:

"What is absolutely important and the focus for those in power is to make sure the thousands of kids right across the country... the able bodied and disabled, are not only inspired by sport... but that inspiration is translated into participation."

We cannot do this if they have nowhere to learn their craft.

We have to stop selling the playing fields.

And we have to do it now.

So please Lord Moynihan, don't drop the baton on this one - you are right, we know you are right, we need change. Please work with those charities that can help like Fields in Trust and please secure the future for our young athletes (oh - as well as reducing obesity, improving attainment, enhancing health and wellbeing etc... etc... etc...)

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