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29 August 2012

The view from LTL

"Street play is the first step to 'legacy' success" says Hilary Emery, Chief Executive of the National Children's Bureau (home of Play England).

It was great to see an article written by Hilary for Children and Young People Now championing the rights of children to play outside.

Following on from last week's media story about the Kings' Castle Montessori setting in Bournemouth that has been told it may not allow its pupils to be outside for more than two hours of their day it is good to see there is still a healthy campaign on the other side.

If you have not yet visited the Love Outdoor Play blog (see link below) then please do log on and be inspired by some of the fantastic examples of ways in which our communities and street scenes are being made more child friendly.

Together we can ensure that our children have the legacy that they deserve...log on now....

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