18th May - Outdoor Classroom Day

11 April 2017

The view from LTL

So what are you doing on May 18th 2017?

I sincerely hope that the date is marked in your diary in giant capital letters – maybe with a highlighter pen running through it and some sticky stars!

For this is the day when hundreds of thousands…..yes hundreds of thousands….. of children all around the world will be quitting the four walls of the classroom and venturing outside to learn and play in the outdoors.

Learning and playing outside is essential all through the year – not only does it bring great health and wellbeing benefits but the outside offers a rich natural resource for delivering  the curriculum, a living textbook whether you are in a densely populated vibrant city area or you live and learn in the countryside, whether you are by the sea or on a mountain top.

However – we all need a reminder and what better way to have a day dedicated each year to making sure that we experience and remember the massive benefits that the outdoors can bring.

LTL are absolutely thrilled to be working with Project Dirt and Unilever’s ‘Dirt is Good’ Campaign on the Outdoor Classroom Day initiative for 2017– as I write more than 200,000 children are already signed up to take part in this exciting venture and we hope to make this many, many more by the time May 18th is here.

If you’re not sure what to do or nervous about going outside then there is a whole host of resources on the Outdoor Classroom Day website to help and support you.

You can go hiking in the wilds of the forest or take your class on a picnic in the school grounds, you can track local pollinators or you can play in the mud – anything goes.

So – there is no reason at all why we shouldn’t all be out and about getting active and enjoying the fresh air on May 18th – sign up here to show that you won’t be left behind!


Come on outside – the weather’s lovely

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