The UNCRC and our work

10 April 2018

LTL has a common set of themes to many of our programmes, and the educator we work with often share those themes and related policies. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is one of the cornerstones of our work.

Although signed back in 1990, the UNCRC continues to grow in it's influence in schools. Many of you will be aware of this through Rights Respecting programmes, and related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). 

Our work at LTL has always promoted children's rights and engagement. For us practically this is reflected in consulting children on what they would like their nursery and school grounds to look like, and what they would like to do in the nursery and school grounds. 

The Children and Young Peoples Commissioner for Scotland (CYPCS) has a great summary of the UNCRC - for those who would like an overview and reminder.

The original work from UN is also available at

A copy of the poster to accompany this is ideal to display in school or nursery, reminding children and adults of their responsibility - UNCRC Poster

As we continue our work, while committing to all the Rights of the Child, we will champion particular areas of the UNCRC:

Article 41 - All children and adults should know about the UNCRC. We continue to promote the UNCRC, and ensure our schools and nurseries are aware and respond to it.

Article 31 - The right to play and relax. For us our work transforming break time for children in schools is underpinned by this Article. Play is not optional (even on a wet day!) it is a Right, and it is deeply beneficial to our children.

Article 13 - The right to be heard and find out things. Our work has always included consulting and listening to children. Their views often have bigger and more lasting impact than those of the adults - school grounds after all are occupied by more children, for more of the time. 

Article 29 - The right to an education that develops your personality, recognises the rights of others and the environment. Much of our work engages children in their local environment and community. Through this first hand experience, we can develop understanding. Understanding then develops care.

As LTL staff, we will continue to build and use practical tools that support and champion these core UNCRC Articles.

For those who want to know what this looks like in practice, spend a few moments watching this video.



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