Food for Thought

8 March 2012

The view from LTL

The Food Growing in Schools Taskforce, led by Garden Organic, was established as a response to increasing concerns about the health and well-being of our children and young people, and a confidence that food growing in schools is a successful way of dealing with these concerns.

The taskforce brought together a wide range of good practice, solutions to challenges and evidence based impact that really shows how important it is to ensure that our children understand the provenance of their food and how well this can be done in their school.

The key findings are well worth noting as they cover more than just being a fun activity to do at lunch and break times and after school.

The outcomes include:

  • Improved access to learning
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Improved awareness and understanding of the natural environment
  • Strengthened school development
  • Strengthened community interaction

49% of the 1300 schools and settings surveyed reported that they received support from parents and carers for food growing initiatives as food growing was seen as a non-threatening way for them to support their child's learning.

With household names like Waitrose, Morrisons, the Co-operative and others throwing their weight behind initiatives that encourage children to learn more about where their food comes from there has never been a better time to put the seed in the ground and see what comes up.....

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