[ONLINE] Transforming a whole school community

d’Arcy Lunn, Dulwich International Schools, Asia

This workshop will explore how to start the journey of transformation through small, simple first steps. Embedded in the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and UN Rights, you will be taken through how Dulwich are approaching their own challenges, led by pupils and staff.

From reducing plastics, localising suppliers, greener school grounds and learning for sustainability for all pupils and staff, Dulwich is now making progress in many ways.

About d’Arcy

I’m a qualified teacher from Australia but for 18 years I have been a humanitarian, educator and mostly learner in over 90 countries. From these experiences I have been absolutely privileged to learn from almost every kind of community and culture, which has formed my never-ending thirst for sharing my experiences and offering opportunities to play an active role in equality, justice and global awareness.

I’ve given hundreds of Teaspoons of Change presentations and workshops, worked on the ground in development with UNICEF in South Sudan, Uganda, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan and with donor countries; created a project on simplicity and sustainability and built two tiny homes (Happy, simply); initiated a polio program for schools (Polio Points); walked 1000km in Japan; cycled many thousands of kms on advocacy cycling trips and currently I’ve just completed a Master’s in Peace Studies in Japan with the Rotary Peace Fellowship, and wrote my thesis on the concept and initiative of Teaspoons of Peace.


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