[ONLINE] Increasing Outdoor Play – globally and school by school

Cath Prisk, Global Director of Outdoor Classroom Day.

“They sound so much happier, what changed?” Caretaker’s wife, whose house borders a school that had started to encourage the children to play on the grass every day…

Want children to be more resilient? Have great social skills? To reduce bullying? And accidents? Playtime is the often forgotten, overlooked part of the day that is paradoxically the most important part of school for most children.

In this session I’ll look at the

  • Published evidence on how important playtime is,
  • How the global Outdoor Classroom Day campaign saw 63% of schools increase time for play after getting involved in the movement
  • The testimony of headteachers as they witness the change it makes for children – and teachers – when they start to invest in their playtime, with school grounds ranging from inner city concrete patches to rural green fields.

Who should attend?

Educators, teachers, senior leaders

About Cath Prisk

Cath is ex-Global Director of Outdoor Classroom Day, a global movement based around encouraging everyone to start somewhere when it comes to outdoor learning and play. Cath runs her own business Outdoor People and is a OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) Mentor in London and South East England.

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