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18th May - Outdoor Classroom Day

11 April 2017

So what are you doing on May 18th 2017? I sincerely hope that the date is marked in your diary in giant capital letters – maybe with a highlighter pen running through it and some sticky stars!

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Streets for Children

21 March 2017

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Moving on....

9 March 2017

I am feeling rather confused these days.

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Small animal world.....

10 February 2017

It was all very Joyce Grenfell in my local early years setting last week. I pop in occasionally to remind myself what small children look like and how the sunshine feels.

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Time - the best gift

16 December 2016

o as we line up those tasks that absolutely must be finished by the Christmas break and we wipe the remnants of mince pies from the office tables, shake the crumbs out of the computer keyboards and hide the fact that the tree lights have...

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