Learning Landscape Design: a dialogue between landscape and education

Learning Landscape Design: a dialogue between landscape and education.

In Patio Vivo we have created more than 70 Learning Landscapes in Chilean schools. Our design strategy consists in developing a common language between landscape and education, considering the specific school culture and territory. With this vision we design spaces, elements, and choose different construction materials. In the workshop we will show and discuss different cases, identifying how the educational project of the school takes space in the school grounds to promote risky and free play in urban schools.

About Angela

Angela has worked at EnseñaChile (Teach for All) and designed landscapes for schools. She wrote her thesis of  ‘The Learning Landscape’ in postgraduate Architecture school in Chile.

Patio Vivo non profit that Angela co-founded 7 years ago. It is recognised by Unicef as one of the seven innovative early childhood initiatives for Latin America and the Caribbean (2019). Angela was also selected among the 100 leading women in Chile (Diario El Mercurio, 2020) for her contribution in social innovation.

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