Learning on a climate adaptive school grounds

Cedric Ryckaert  – Sint-Paulusschool Kortrijk, Belguim

The school ground of Sint-Paulusschool Kortrijk, Belgium has seen a drastic make-over. Where it used to be a dull, concrete school ground, it has turned into a rich, green school ground. The school removed every tile, softened the surface and created a fantastic ground where the 450 children of the school now can learn and play in an inspiring environment.

The school is a great example of how to overcome challenges and to be ambitious in creating a school ground that is adapted to climate change. The schools opens the doors after hours for youth and all kind of organisations.

In the workshop, we will present the project and talk about the different methods we have used to make this project a big success.

Who should attend?

Teachers, landscape architects, social workers, play workers.


About Cedric

I’m the project coordinator of the ‘klimaatspeelplaats’ and I’m also a teacher at the school. I have a bachelor degree as a primary school teacher,  and  as a social worker.

I am a member of the LtL Professionally Accredited Network.

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