[ONLINE] Learning to Make Behaviour Maps in school grounds

Mohammed Zakiul Islam, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

We need to audit and assess the current use of a school ground if we want to improve a school grounds. To do this however requires tools to collect data about the spaces.

Behaviour mapping is such a tool that can record people’s behaviour in a space. This workshop intends to discuss the use of behaviour mapping.

Attendees of the workshop will learn the followings,

1. Theory and basics of behaviour mapping

2. Process of mapping.

3. Hands-on experience to do a behaviour mapping.

Who should attend?


About Mohammed

I have years of actual field experience of using this tool (behaviour mapping) both in USA and in Bangladesh.

I have also taught research methodology course at the post-graduate level that involves method such as behaviour mapping. Apart from this the following paragraphs depicts my active involvement in teaching, research and practice.

Teaching: Over Nineteen years of teaching experiences at the Department of Architecture, BUET. Ph.D. in Design from the College of Design, North Carolina State University, USA. Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), USA.

Research: Research experience involves Principal Investigator (PI), Bangladesh as part of an International research team led by University of California San Diego and funded by National Institute of Health (NIH), USA for IPEN Adolescent study. Experience also includes working at the Natural Learning Initiative (NLI), USA from 2005 to 2008.

Practice: A Registered Architect and Awarded Berger Award for Excellence in Architecture 2017. Project selected for Aga Khan Award of Architecture from Bangladesh. Recipient of Landscape Architecture Research Award, North-Carolina State University 2008.

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