Making the most of community assets-opening school grounds for playing

Marianne Manello, Assistant Director, Play Wales

Children’s access to outdoor space for play, exercise and enjoyment differs greatly across Wales and this was heightened during the coronavirus pandemic. Some children live in accommodation with outdoor gardens, ample outdoor community space and supportive carers with time to support play, whilst others don’t. This workshop will report on an action research project which piloted the use of school grounds for play when the teaching day ends as part of coronavirus recovery.

Who should attend?

Anyone in the school community

About Marianne and Play Wales

Play Wales has undertaken action action research projects which evaluated the utilisation of school grounds as a community asset for play. This work informed the review and update of our Use of school grounds for playing toolkit and informed academic papers. featured as a key chapter in the section on Embedding Families and Communities in the recent publication Rethinking Play as Pedagogy.

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