Nurturing Nature – everyday outdoor play in Scotland

Gordon Maclean, Training and Development Officer, Learning through Landscapes, Scotland

Join Gordon for a romp through the Nurturing Nature programme. This 10-week programme supports everyday play outdoors, using local and accessible public spaces, for families in some of our most vulnerable communities in Scotland.

Proven for nearly a decade, this project takes the simplest of ideas – play as a family – and uses that as a tool to build stronger relationships; healthier and happier children, parents and early years staff; connections to nature and local geographies. The power of play will be highlighted in Gordon’s own way, and will show the personal impact such as programme can have.

Participants will go away inspired and motivated, and with  a full overview of the programme. You will gain insight into the way that LtL and Early Years staff go about organising and running the programme – and some of the delightful and unintended consequences of working in this way.

One of the key aims of Nurturing Nature is that anyone can run this programme with minimal training and support, making outdoor play a reality for all children in Scotland. We hope you might take inspiration too.

Who should attend?

Anyone working in early years or social services with young families.

About Gordon

Gordon comes from a playwork and teaching background, before moving to join us at LtL. He brings a wealth of knowledge, and an approach centred in people and relationships.

As well as leading on the Nurturing Nature Project, Gordon support our online learning platforms and the roll-out of Forest Kindergarten.


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