ISGA Member Retreat (2021)

This is the ISGA Member retreat, directly after the International School Grounds Conference in Stirling, September 2020.The retreat is in Pitlochry

Value of Play in Secondary Schools

Value of Play in Secondary Schools - Online Workshop In this session you will explore the importance of play on children in secondary education. You will learn why play is key in helping [...]

Playtime Revolution (all ages)

Playtime Revolution (all) - Online Learning In this session you will explore the value and benefits of play and how to audit your grounds to help you identify how you can optimise outdoor [...]

Maths Outdoors (Upper Primary/KS2)

Maths Outdoors (Upper Primary/KS2) - Online Workshop How tall is that tree? How fast is that car? In this session, we'll explore ideas for taking maths outdoors with upper primary. We'll get [...]

Maths Outdoors (Lower Primary /KS1)

Maths Outdoors (Lower Primary /KS1) - Online Workshop Making maths real by getting outdoors and using numbers to make sense of the world. Measuring, counting, examining shapes and symmetry are [...]

English/Literacy Outdoors (Early Years)

English/Literacy Outdoors (Early Years) - Online Workshop This workshop will focus on supporting literacy and language outdoors in the Early Years. We will explore the potential that outdoor [...]