[ONLINE] Why movies? The case of The Beginning of Life Outside

Lais Fluery, Alana Institute, Children and Nature Programme, Brazil

Why movies? We believe powerful and inspiring stories are tools of empathy. The beginning of conversations unleashes transformation. We believe in the power of entertainment to create awareness that can change the way that people think about the world. They also stimulate breaking down the passivity and taking a stand.

We have just launched the movie The beginning of Life 2. It will focus on the importance of the child’s relationship with nature and about the benefits this relationship provides for the full development of childhoods and for the conservation of the planet. With the support of Latin American research and scientific arguments and experiences, the film shows the urgency of a cultural transformation that reaffirms nature as essential to human life.

The session will be about how we will communicate and distribute that story. We will explore the case of The Beginning of Life, our previous movie that in 2015 became a reach and impact movement that based on four principles: access democratization; education; mobilization and impact communication. We will also showcase a 5 min trailer preview.

Who should attend?

Anyone who works with children and engagement with nature.

About Lais and the Alana Institute

The award-winning filmmakers who created The Beginning of Life with its worldwide audience of more than 8 million people now offer this stunningly beautiful, inspiring and compelling film that demonstrates the importance of access to nature for the health and well-being of children and youth, and for the conservation of the Earth itself. I sign the film argument, and also have experienced the case The Beginning of Life.

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