Alison Motion
Scotland Director

“It’s all the small individual triumphs of working with people who suddenly “get” the outdoors and continue to take their children/pupils/young people outdoors once our team has moved on.”

About Alison

When did you start working for LtL and what does your job involve?

I started at LtL in October 2013 in the Scottish office.

My main role, and goal, is to make sure via the work that we do, that as many children and young people in Scotland get outdoors in all types of environments through their learning and play.
Basically I’m in charge of the Scottish team, and I ensure that all our projects upskill and increase the confidence and ability of our teachers/practitioners to teach outdoors . With Scottish education policy moving very strongly to embed outdoor learning throughout the learning experience of every 0-18 year old, we are part of a vocal coalition of organisations in Scotland pushing this forward at all policy levels.

The 3 experiences that have best equipped you for this role?


Working with farmers. In a previous role I was privileged to step into the farming community, and learnt a whole lot more about being outside and their world view. It also gave me a healthy view of what goes into getting food to our plates.


Education – the value of learning is learning itself. For me, one of the turn stones was being in the Cairngorms on my gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition when things didn’t turn out quite according to plan, and our group reacted appropriately. It was a massive learning experience for everyone. I lead D of E groups now, hoping that I am helping them prepare themselves for an outdoor life.


Valuing the outdoors. I’ve always been fortunate to get outside, and the wider the variety of places I’ve worked outdoors, the more I value it, and the more I want to share it.

Alison’s LtL Experience

What has been your best day at LtL and why?

It’s all the small individual triumphs of  working with people who suddenly “get” the outdoors and continue to take their children/pupils/young people outdoors once our team has moved on.

From parents recognising that on the outdoor days their children eat better and  sleep better having been outdoors, to teachers who didn’t think they were “outdoorsy” who now realise to their surprise that they can do this thing.

Why a bike?

Well there’s a thing. I’d originally assumed I’d go for a kayak paddle, as that, on a serene day on shining water puttering around the coast of anywhere, but particularly Scotland is number one. But then there was this day, on this bike in this place where the serene day, shining water, and the feeling of being alive just all rolled right into one.

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