Carley Sefton

Carley Sefton

“I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with young people, and I think hearing and understanding them is key to shaping the future of LtL.”

About Carley

When did you start working for LtL and what does your job involve?

It started at LtL in the summer of 2017.

A bit of everything really, from creating a strategy to move LtL forward by looking at possible future project, business developments and funding streams to making sure the staff are happy and enjoying they time at LtL (including racing to IKEA for fluffy blankets for when’s its cold!). I’m a lucky to travel with my role as part of LtL global work and have loved meeting colleagues in Hong Kong & Japan who share a passion for the importance of being and learn outdoors.

The 3 experiences that have best equipped you for this role?


Being dyslexic, even though for a lot of my life and career I have felt it has been a disadvantage, recently I have begun to understand how it has shaped how I work and even though day to day can sometimes still be frustrating i hope that the creatively way it makes me look at things makes me better at what I do. Having the fantastic team at LtL to help me with proof reading and the constant “how do I spell…” helps a lot.


I have a varied career from a TGI Fridays bar tender to a TV producer! All my jobs have helped shape me for my role at LtL. Before I came to LtL I work for Oasis Community Learning this gave me some key skills including running a community farm and a pre school it also may be understand the financial challenges schools face and the drive of teachers to have the best outcomes for their student. I believe having a varied skill has shaped how I lead LtL ( though I’ve not been asked to make any cocktails yet!)


I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with young people, and I think hearing and understanding them is key to shaping the future of LtL. When I have time I’m help run a youth theatre, which I love.

Carley’s LtL Experience

What has been your best day at LtL and why?

My best day was a few months after I started and a colleague from another charity who knew LtL well said, “you have such a tough job, most people coming into an organisation have the pressure of making it better, you have the pressure of keeping it great, you are like the bull in the china shop trying not to break anything” I knew the LtL were good and I often say that I have never known an organisation where everyone is an expert in what they do, but LtL is. Yes my job is tough but hearing someone say how good only made me more determined to make sure more people know about the fantastic work we do.

Why a pile of stones?

I thought long and hard about what photo to use, I love paddle boarding and outdoor cooking, sea swimming and hanging with my Border Terrier Hoggle. But overall nature has the best equipment and I love finding it and seeing how to use it, this is a ‘sculpture’ me and my kids made while on holiday in Devon, we each made one and left them on the beach hoping people would add to them. I think art and nature coming together is magical.

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