Claire Abercrombie
Training & Development Officer

“I deliver the teacher training sessions for the Local School Nature Grants project. I love it! No two groups are the same and the people are always interesting…”

About Claire

When did you start working for LtL and what does your job involve?

I started at LtL in March 2017

Working with lots of teachers. I deliver the teacher training sessions for the Local School Nature Grants project. I love it! No two groups are the same and the people are always interesting. Getting people laughing and enjoying what they do in the session feels great, and then to hear how they will use the activities or adapt them for their students gives me real satisfaction.

The 3 experiences that have best equipped you for this role?


I was volunteering with the Riding for the Disabled and wanted to know more about the care of the horses, so asked if anyone could help me. I was put in touch with another volunteer who worked a night shift so wanted help in the morning with her three horses. So I would go and help her before I went to work, and she could get to bed quicker. I never would have said I was a morning person but I loved being up in the early mornings and the routine. Being around the horses was so calming and on some days shovelling poo was the best part of my day! I learnt so much from doing this and also found a happy place.


My parents had an allotment when I was small. I remember always asking to go with my dad, and would spend hours digging, watering and picking the veg we grew. I remember particularly enjoying picking beans! I am not green fingered(credit for what we grew all goes to Dad) but I enjoyed the time outdoors with him.


I worked with a gentleman known as Muzz at a country park in Coventry. I was part of the education team which Muzz lead. He was amazing, and would put children in wheelchairs into the stream we used to do river studies in, so they could feel the water running over their legs. At the time this was quite radical thinking, but those children will never forget that and neither will I.

Claire’s LtL Experience

What has been your best day at LtL and why?

Working with a school on Papa Westry on the Orkney Islands. They were the first school I delivered to on the project. The journey there involved ever decreasing sizes of plane, with the smallest only seating
8 people and the pilot.

The school there was a real inspiration, the challenges of Island living and the adaptations they had to make to be self reliant. They had built a poly tunnel from recycled materials, kept sheep, chickens and ducks. They were even planning to hatch turkey eggs to rear and then sell for Christmas.

They were delighted that LtL was able to get me out to them, they had expected to be told the training was not going to happen. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to go there and work with them, and one I will not forget.

Why pairs of boots?

I LOVE my wellies!! They mean I am going outside to do something messy and fun, whether that is walking, playing with ponies or looking for puddles to splash in. The best people to do this with are family.

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