joy housham

Joy Housham

Project Administrator – Natural Nations

I’m super lucky to spend time with my very young grandchildren, frequently witnessing their sheer joy and wonder of all nature has to offer – from simple stone painting with chalky water to netting newts from my garden pond

About Joy

When did you start working for LtL and what does your job involve?

I joined LtL in January 2017 as a member of the Fruit-full Communities (FFC) team. I am now part of the Erasmus + Natural Nations team which is a 3 year transnational project aimed at promoting biodiversity awareness in schools.

My role is to organise and coordinate the UK based meetings and events as well offer general administrative assistance, including technical support of the LtL website and other social media platforms. Once educational resources have been designed and agreed by the team, I will use my proofing skills to produce suitable & relevant content that works for each participant nation – UK, Sweden, Malta and Spain.

The 3 experiences that have best equipped you for this role?


My journey to achieving a DiPHE in Liberal Arts as a mature student taught me to carefully consider all aspects of an issue or a situation and to not simply judge it from my own perspective. The FFC project worked with vulnerable young people who for all sorts of personal reasons found it difficult to engage with outdoor activities. So an appreciation of trying to ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’ has stood me in good stead, albeit later in life.


As a parent of 2 girls and grandparent of 4 beautiful children, I feel I am in a position to actually know in my head and heart that health, wellbeing and the natural environment are inextricably linked. This understanding drives almost everything I do with them, including investing in great waterproof clothing!


Being a volunteer for my local village community shop, the Re-engage charity and CPRE: the countryside charity has not only taught me that unpaid work is rewarding but that we can try and make our world a better place by committing to causes we believe in. I’ve learned that with volunteering comes friendship, resilience and new experiences that enrich my life.

Joy’s LtL Experience

What has been your best day at LtL and why?

*Thinks long and hard* I have worked for LtL on 2 separate occasions and there have been many memorable days but I always love staff get-togethers when the spirit of LtL is flowing and where passion for the outdoors is profound.  So I would have to say June 2009 when the Winchester and Scotland teams gathered in Scotland to get creative with natural materials in the grounds of a grand country house.  Handsome ‘Green Men’ appeared on trees, colourfully decorated staff outlines adorned the paths and hastily built dens kept the inevitable rain off.  The photos still remind me of a fabulous day with special people. 

Why an underwater photo?

Being in warm water with an underwater camera is my happy placeThe beauty that lies just below the surface of the sea never fails to astound me and capturing it in a digital format means I can revisit it whenever I like.  On one unforgettable occasion, I found myself skirting a huge shoal of sardine-type fish in Turkey and not leaving until I had the perfect video!  

Just lately I have used my new, high spec waterproof camera to take more quirky shots of my family when we’re on holiday together.  Seeing babies open their eyes while swimming underwater is truly magical. 

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