Lesley Onslow
Project Administrator

“We’ve planted trees, flower beds and vegetable patches …….. we can eat healthy, delicious food and keep our food miles to a minimum. “

About Lesley

When did you start working for LtL and what does your job involve?

I joined LtL as project administrator for the National Lottery funded pilot project, My School, My Planet. This was an amazing project, developed and delivered in an incredibly short time in response to helping disadvantaged and marginalised young people cope with COVID-19 and the return to school. I am now providing general admin support prior to the next project.

The 3 experiences that have best equipped you for this role?


As an army wife I’ve lived in 16 homes in 6 different countries, which has meant I’ve had to adapt quickly – setting up home, making new friends, learning new languages and finding employment. I’m used to having to hit the ground running and this certainly helped working for My School, My Planet. That and a phenomenal team of LtL staff and external trainers!


Working in the HIVE was probably the job which best prepared me for my role as project administrator.

The HIVE is an organisation for the military community which provides drop-in help and advice to serving military, their families and civilian workers. You never knew what the enquiry was going to be about, from education, marriage guidance, tourism, to finding a washing machine repairer with clearance to come onto the military base!

As a new LtL employee, working remotely on a new project and having to get to grips with new technologies, every day was varied, challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always busy and usually rewarding.


We’ve finally put down roots and bought our forever home so it’s now worth investing in the garden. I’ve learnt a lot from our trainers and LtL’s resources. This year we’ve planted trees, flower beds and vegetable patches. With eggs and meat from our amazing farming neighbours and produce from our garden, we can eat healthy, delicious food and keep our food miles to a minimum. If only we could produce our own coffee and chocolate!

Lesley Onslow’s LtL Experience

What has been your best day at LtL and why?

After a frantic 6 months developing and delivering the My School, My Planet (MSMP) pilot project, we had a virtual ‘end of project’ party. Some of the trainers shared their stories – the challenges, the successes and the frustrations. It was incredibly emotional and really highlighted the desperate need for programmes such as MSMP and the phenomenal challenges teachers are currently facing due to COVID-19.

Why wellies?

I’ve lived in the Mojave Desert and the pre-Alps, and I now live in Scotland. I know how important the right clothing is!

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