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Outdoor Classroom Day 2020

On Outdoor Classroom Day 2020, thousands of schools around the world will take lessons outdoors and prioritise playtime- showing not only how easy it can be to take learning outside but also how rewarding it is for both pupils and their teachers. In 2019, more than 3 million children worldwide took part, almost 700,000 of which were in the UK and Ireland. In 2020, we want the campaign to be even bigger!

Learning through Landscapes has led the UK and ROI Outdoor Classroom Day campaign since 2017, sharing our educational expertise bringing the campaign to the attention of teachers across the UK and ROI. We do this with support from Persil, as part of the global campaign led by Semble in partnership with Unilever as part of their Dirt is Good movement.

To ensure that all schools can participate, there are two campaign dates. Celebrated in May and November, the dates are key fixture in thousands of school diaries and act as a catalyst for more outdoor learning and play every day.

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Why register and how to join us

In a recent survey, 32% of teachers told us they have increased outdoor play since registering for Outdoor Classroom Day and 44% have increased outdoor learning.

In additional campaign research:

• 97% of teachers say that outdoor play is critical for children to reach their full potential
• 88% of teachers say that children are happier after playing outdoors
• 88% of teachers say that children are more engaged in learning when taking lessons outdoors, and
• 86% of teachers say that playing outdoors gives children a better understanding of the environment.

Teachers can register to participate and supporters can add their voice to the campaign’s shared global goals, helping to ensure that:

1. Outdoor learning is a part of every school day for every child and young person
2. Every child and young person has 90 minutes of playtime every day
3. Schools advocate for more time outdoors.

Outdoor Classroom Day 2020 will be celebrated on Thursday 21 May and on Thursday 5 November.

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