Outdoor play ideas for parents

We've compiled a series of 30 simple and low cost outdoor play ideas for parents/carers to do with their children. If you are a parent or carer then enjoy browsing and playing!

If you are an early years setting then think about how you could share these ideas with the parents you work with. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Print off the activity sheets and send them home with newsletters
  • Give parents the link to this page and encourage them to try some of the ideas
  • Send home cameras for parents to take photos of them doing the activity and create an area in your setting to display them
  • Have an open day and invite parents to come and try some of these ideas with their children in your setting
  • Try setting a goal, for example if they do 5 activities they get a certificate
  • Use notice boards, displays and parents areas to highlight the activities and provide copies for parents to pick up
  • Create packs related to the seasons to give out over the holidays
  • Invite parents to share their own ideas and make your own activity sheets to share with others

However you use these resources, we'd love your feedback. Tell us how you get on or share your own ideas with us at www.facebook.com/gflscotland

Browse our outdoor play ideas for parents and children here - and get playing!

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