Encouraging active play and outdoor learning in primary schools

Outdoor learning in Primary Schools

Outdoor learning in primary schools has been our core work for over 30 years. We have quite literally written the handbook, trained the teachers and inspired an industry with what is possible in school grounds.

Taking the curriculum outdoors can have a considerably beneficial impact on the learning and development of your pupils. From enhancing problems solving skills to communication and resilience, outdoor learning provides endless opportunities for exploration, experimentation and contextual learning.

Our way of teaching

With decades of combined experience helping schools discover the joys of outdoor learning, our team work closely with Heads, teachers, parents and Governors to develop, implement and monitor new learning activities in and around their school grounds.

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How we work with primary schools



Bespoke courses that have been specifically tailored to the needs of your team and your pupils.



Created specifically for getting your school involved in outdoor learning and play specifically aimed at getting your school involved in outdoor learning and play.


Site Visits

We consult your school community, and recommend how you can create spaces for learning and play.

… and how your primary school could benefit from our help:


Upskill your staff team to make them more confident teachers outside.


Take your pupils outdoors including multiple lesson ideas and activities.


Work with you to implement a whole school outdoor learning approach.

What projects and programmes would be most suitable?

For more information, take a look at Learning in Local Greenspace video on how to use the space outside your school ground.

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