Our Erasmus+ outdoor learning and play funded programmes.


We are working with a number of European partners on a variety of projects, all designed to enable schools and early years settings to take their children outside more often and receive a higher quality of outdoor learning and play.

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Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning for Schools is a new Erasmus+ programme in Autumn 2020.

The project seeks to explore the benefits of enhancing school sites for nature, to the benefit of the pupils.

Our partners are:

SEO Birdlife Spain –  http://www.seo.org/

Milanta Spain https://milanta.net/

Birdlife Malta –  https://birdlifemalta.org/

University of Presov Slovakiahttps://www.unipo.sk/pedagogicka-fakulta/katedry/kpepp/

Birdlife Slovakiahttp://www.vtaky.sk/

Inak Slovakiahttp://www.trochuinak.sk/index.php?pid=&lang=en

Social Emotional Learning - Nature in School Grounds

One World Learning

One World Learning is an ERASMUS+ funded project with Birdlife Partners from Europe. Its aim is to encourage learning through nature to inspire, equip and empower individuals and communities to live sustainably.

It does this by advocating learning through nature and supporting the development and implementation of high quality learning through nature programmes.

Initially this is being done through a shared webpage that will host details of how birdlife partner education staff and external nature education professionals can take part in webinars and events, access research in their field or see examples of how to get children doing more educational activities through nature.

In June 2019, Learning through Landscapes hosted the OWL Wildlife and School Grounds conference in Leicester to share best practice from across Europe.


Teach, Inspire and Protect

Teach, Inspire and Protect is an ERASMUS+ funded project in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Malta, the Maltese Teacher Training College , Birdlife Malta and Birdlife Spain.

The project considers best practice in the early years outdoors. Together, the partnership is exploring teaching theories and aiming to create inspiring training and resources which will be used in Malta for early years teacher training but will also feature at the International School Grounds Conference in Sept 2021 in Stirling, Scotland.  We’re delighted to be hosting this conference in Stirling where delegates will not only be able to benefit from a wealth of shared knowledge but also do so within a stunning local environment.



Bioprofiles is an ERASMUS+ funded project works in partnership with environmental education organisations from Slovakia, Italy, Spain and the UK. Together, the partnership is considering the quality of the environment in and around schools.

In August 2019, teachers from five schools in the UK  travelled to Italy to learn about the technology they can use to support this process and to draw on the experiences of a total of 25 teachers from across Europe.

Bioprofiles partners haves now completed most of the project outputs and resources .

Please visit the project page for Environmental Lessons.


Natural Nations

Natural Nations is the latest Erasmus + funded project, led by LtL and in partnership with Naturskolan i Lund, Lunds Universitet, Birdlife Malta and Sociedad Espanola de Ornitologia SEO (Birdlife Spain).  It is a development of the recent award-winning Polli:Nation project delivered across the UK, which supported teaching staffpupils and parents from more than 250 schools. Polli:Nation enabled the group to find out what pollinators they already had in their school grounds and help transform them into pollinator-friendly habitats. 

But Natural Nations will not just focus on pollinating insects; it will develop survey methods and encourage birds into school grounds too. Using the knowledge of our partners, we will produce resources to help schools identify birds in their grounds, as well as look at what changes can encourage more birds to visit e.g. habitats and food sources. 

As part of the project, we will work with schools across the four countries to provide easily accessible resources that help pupils understand the importance of pollinating insects within the context of a 76% decline across Europe.  Insects are also a crucial food source for many animals, including migratory birds which are also decreasing in numbers, and we will help schools understand this link too. 

The third part of the project will focus specifically on culture. We will identify folk stories and songs from each nation that feature insects and/or birds, celebrating both what we have in common and what is individual about each nation’s heritage.  

The first full transnational meeting was held in the UK in February.  Further events will be announced according to the status and timeline of the global Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.


Change the Grounds

Change the Grounds is an ERASMUS+ funded project comprising Learning through Landscapes in the UK, and partner agencies Strom Zivota and INAK in Slovakia and UfU in Germany.

The project focus is to support primary and early secondary teachers in making the best use of their school grounds for taking learning outdoors now, as well as offering advice and guidance on how to plan and implement simple changes to support outdoor learning long term.

The outcomes of the project are available to download free below:

1) A comprehensive handbook which can be used as a guide to help evaluate your current outdoor space and outdoor teaching practice, explore opportunities to take learning outdoors in different environments and as a reference in supporting you to consult, plan and implement simple changes to enrich children’s learning experiences outdoors across the curriculum.

2) A series of example practical outdoor learning activity ideas linked to the curriculum, which can be used in any outdoor space.

3) A series of example activity sheets highlighting simple, practical grounds changes to improve the space and support learning.

4) A series of short, online training modules to help you think through the processes involved. Coming soon!


Take Me Out

ERASMUS+ Take Me Out

The Take Me Out project supports the skills of early years and KS1/first level teachers in outdoor learning and play.

We have developed European Standards for Early Years Outdoor Learning, resources for Practitioners, as well as online and in-person training.

The most public part of the project was initially to host learning opportunities in all four nations involved. The team worked hard to share our training for staff, play and learning resources and ideas, and confirmed learning outcomes through case studies.

Read more on the Take Me Out project pages.

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