International School Grounds Conference, Scotland, September 2021

We are privileged to be organising the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) conference in Stirling, Scotland.

This has been postponed a full year and will now be held on the 23-25th September 2021.

This event will bring together the best in outdoor learning and play in school grounds and beyond. Come and learn from the best practitioners, researchers and professionals in the outdoor learning and play world.

We are partnering with ISGA and the International Association of Nature Pedagogy to deliver this event. there are three ‘streams’ – Early Years, Schools, Design of Spaces.

Ideal for educators, teachers and design professionals, you can join us for one day or all three days.

Please visit our event site to browse the full programme of speakers and book securely – click on the button to the left.

Please visit the event microsite to browse the programme and book easily and securely.

Why are we in Scotland?

The UK has a long history of outdoor learning, including school and nursery grounds. As a founder member of the ISGA, LtL hosted the inaugural International School Grounds Alliance conference in Winchester, southern England in 2010. You can read more of our history here.

Scotland in recent years has seen real development of policy, curriculum and practice in outdoor learning. Central to a lot of this work has been LtL’s Scottish team, formerly known as Grounds for Learning (GfL). Since 1995, the ‘Grounds for Learning Project’ has led research, training and thinking on school grounds use.

It is because of these developments that we want to bring you to the UK and in particular Scotland, to share our journey.

Scotland now has in place:

  • The Scottish “Curriculum for Excellence” suggests that ‘outdoors is often a better place to learn’ and that ‘Outdoor learning is a regular and progressive experience for all learners’.
  • “Learning for Sustainability” is an entitlement of all learners and central to our Curriculum for Excellence – and outdoor learning is included within that.
  • Scotland’s Standards for Teacher Registration require all teachers to “Use outdoor learning opportunities, including direct experiences of nature and other learning within and beyond the school boundary” and “…where appropriate, actively seek outdoor learning opportunities”.
  • Scotland has a play policy which states that all children have the right to free play in natural environments on a daily basis.
  • Our Early Years framework and Care Inspectorate all support and require free play in nature for our youngest children.

Interested in attending?

Please book at the event microsite – click here.

Call for papers and workshops

We welcome workshops and papers that support our theme of ‘Overcoming challenges’.
We are particularly seeking workshops from young people and children – we want your voice strongly heard through the event.

Please apply to lead a workshop by clicking here.

Do you have any questions?
Speak to the LtL Scotland team on 01786 465 934 or drop us an email.

Venue & Accommodation

Life in Stirling

Stirling is situated in the heart of Scotland.

A historically important city, Stirling is the gateway to the wild and remote Highland’s to the north, and busy lowland cities to the south. We are proud to have one of our LtL offices here, and love exploring the local area made famous through films such as Outlander, Outlaw King, Game of Thrones and Monty Python’s ‘Search for the Holy Grail’.

Nature is close by, with opportunities to climb mountains, walk through forests or take to the water on one of our many local lochs. Alternatively you may explore our wonderful castle, the Wallace Monument and the historical ‘top of the town’ in Stirling.

As part of the conference we will also have an exclusive event with Creative Stirling -where you can browse locally made craft and artworks.

Venue for the International School Grounds Conference (ISGA2021)

We are using two main venues in ‘top of the town’ in Stirling, which is the historical heart, in partnership with Culture Stirling and Stirling Council.

Our main base is the Tollbooth centre, central to a number of outdoor and indoor venues for the conference and surrounded by historical buildings. Additionally we will be using Stirling Albert Halls for our opening event and some workshops.

Transport & Accommodation

With easy transport links to Glasgow (45mins) and Edinburgh (50mins), your arrival will be simple through tram, bus, train and airport. More information here. There is no parking at the venue.

Local transport is also easy by bus, bike or foot – you don’t need a car. More information here.

Please get in touch if you would like support due to mobility issues, as we have plans in place.

Accommodation is plentiful and varied – we will have some special discounts in place by August 2019 for local hotels, guesthouses and hostels. We would encourage you to stay with Stirling, Bridge of Allan or Dunblane as you can use public transport to attend each day.

Find some exclusive discounts on the venue page of our booking microsite.

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