Authority-wide School Estate Management Planning


Every local authority in Scotland is required to produce a School Estate Management Plan (SEMP) for the Scottish Government. Most focus completely on buildings and ignore the 80% of the school estate that is outdoors. With the support of the Scottish Government and Clackmannanshire Council, we developed an effective process for authority-wide planning and development of school grounds. Key features of this approach are:

  • Setting long term strategic objectives for outdoor educational spaces, which contribute clearly to the authority’s strategic objectives and Single Outcome Agreement.
  • Developing a simple self assessment audit tool for schools to allow estate managers to quickly collect data on the quality of their outdoor spaces for learning, health, sociability and sustainability (as well as suitability core fact data currently required by the Scottish Government)
  • Empowering schools to develop their own vision for their school grounds and giving them access to technical support and resources to take this forward with parents and the wider community in a way that leverages support from other sources and offers rich opportunities for pupil engagement and learning.
  • A Working Group of relevant Council Officers (from various teams including Property, Education, Ranger and Biodiversity) to ensure that school plans align with council priorities and standards and that appropriate health and safety and maintenance issues have been properly considered.Group members are also available to advise individual project schools in their own technical areas.
  • Contact us to find out more about our school grounds audit tool and school estate asset management.

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