Secondary schools outdoor learning – bringing the curriculum to life.

The benefits of outdoor learning for Secondary Schools

Secondary schools outdoor learning has been central to our work for 30 years.

As children and young people face the most challenging times of their lives, outdoor learning and connection to nature is often lost in a world of revision and tech. There is a growing mountain of evidence to suggest that there is never a more important time for children to understand their place in the world.

By allowing secondary school students to study outside enables them to physically grasp complex curriculums while benefitting from mental health and physical wellbeing.

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How we work with secondary schools



Tailored to the needs, requirements and existing knowledge of your team and your pupils.



Specifically aimed at getting your school involved in outdoor learning through the curriculum.


Site Visits

We consult with your school community, and put forward ideas to create better learning spaces.

… and how your secondary school could benefit from our help:


Upskill your staff to make them build their confidence in outdoor learning.


Gain professional recognition in outdoor learning via the GTCS (Scotland).


Develop ideas for taking young people outdoors, including lesson ideas and activities.


Work closely with you to implement a whole school outdoor learning approach.

What projects and programmes would be most suitable?

For more information, take a look at Learning in Local Greenspace, a selection of our videos on how to use the space outside your school ground.

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