Cheapside Church of England Primary School

Cheapside Church of England Primary School

I watched the video that the local RBS employee had made of Cheapside’s Supergrounds project unfolding and was nearly in tears!!  The excitement of the children and employees alike as they celebrated the opening of their new wildlife area was tangible...all of them moved to bits to see all their planning and hard work come to fruition! It’s seeing the whole school community coming together like this to make tangible changes to their outside spaces that really reinforces to me the impact of the work LTL supports each day.

Cheapside Primary School was nominated for a £4,000 Supergrounds Award by a local RBS employee and parent at the school. The children involved in drawing up their winning application and design plans wanted to create a wildlife area, pond and play mound in part of their unused grass playing field.

The support provided by the RBS employee throughout the project - and by her colleagues on the ‘Big Dig Day’ was phenomenal. A team of employees spent a total of 508 hours getting their hands dirty, helping to dig the pond, plant shrubs and pond plants and construct mini-beast mansions, bird houses and hedgehog hotels....and then have well-deserved lie down! Bank employees worked alongside parents – who also offered significant support. One parent, an architect, helped to prepare detailed site drawings. Another, a contractor, provided £5,000 worth of tools and materials to dig out and line the pond. The local countryside ranger also lent their support.

Teachers fed back that children at Cheapside are “ecstatic,” especially some of those they might not have expected to be engaged such as older pupils who are now seen helping the younger ones to identify insects or look at something interesting in the habitat houses, meadow and pond. Groups of children are producing pondlife identification keys and display boards and the school community is now officially ‘hooked;’ with a long list of future work they intend to carry out in their grounds.

’During the process there were a number of obstacles to over come and I had to use all of my experience to pull everyone together. The head of the school has been great and we worked closely on the project and continue to bounce ideas off each other for future projects. The skills I have used have given me a great deal of confidence in what I can achieve outside of banking. Overall it is the satisfaction that I have made a difference which I am most proud of. I sit with a picture of the completed project on my desk and smile every time I look at it!’
RBS volunteer

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