Creative endeavour

Creative endeavour

Pupils lead the design of a memorial garden to honour Miss Smart, who had been a teacher at the school.  

This is a truly unique space which sends out a strong message about the value that this school places on individuals. 

The project was designed to enable everyone from the school to share their thoughts about Miss Smart, but was primarily lead by 11 art students.  They end result is a space incorporating shapes, colours materials and themes which reflect Miss Smart’s personality and interests.

Activities were co-ordinated by Head of Art, Kate Stubbs, with support from an LTL Associate, Bella D’Arcy.  Together they created a project which offered pupils a great opportunity to unleash their creativity, whilst working to a clear brief.

The project started with a range of sketchbook tasks during the summer holidays followed by 12 weeks timetabled art lessons in the autumn term. 

Pupils used their sketchbook research to support the development of concepts with mind maps and spider diagrams to help condense and analyse a range of different design possibilities. 

Book and internet research into garden designers, artists’ gardens and environmental art was supported by a presentation by Bella illustrating contemporary and historical approaches to garden design.

Bella helped pupils survey the courtyard site and produce scale plans.  Working in small task groups, pupils considered issues such as access, viewpoints, health and safety, lighting conditions and other issues which could restrict or enhance the eventual designs.  The working groups then reported their findings and produced large scale diagrams so that all pupils could access the information.

Bella showed the pupils professional concept plans for garden designs to guide them in the presentation of their work.  Working over the initial scale drawings of their site, first ariel, then axonometric designs were produced.  Thumb nail sketches provided more detailed illustrations of elements of the designs and pupils also produced a written explanation of their design ideas.

The final design ideas were exhibited and the school community and parents voted for the design of their choice.  The end result is a space which truly reflects the character of someone who was clearly a very special person in this school.
“ The positive benefit of this project for the young people involved was the feeling of ownership, of doing something real, on a large scale and lasting”. Headteacher.

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