Case study: RBS Supergrounds

The RBS Supergrounds Awards have enabled the Royal Bank of Scotland Group to harness the unique position of schools at the heart of local communities to achieve a range of Community Investment objectives.

The bank’s partnership with LTL has been extended and renewed twice throughout the programme’s seven year history, during which time over 900 schools have benefited from an investment of over £8 million.

Supergrounds has proven popular with 5,670 employees who nominated 900 schools and have given nearly 30,000 hours of their time to support the projects. This participation has helped develop skills as well as pride: 86% said that involvement had had a positive impact on their professional performance.

The programme has been valuable for strengthening the reputation of the group. Given that the majority of these branded school grounds features can be seen from the street, the transformations – and RBSG’s support have been widely appreciated by the broader community.

The engagement of children in deciding how to improve their playground, together with the opportunity for dig days and official completion events have all helped sustain high levels of local media coverage. A linked competition, enabling members of the general public to nominate local schools, gained coverage in almost all the national papers, as well as on BBC Radio Four.

Supergrounds has also provided a valued engagement opportunity for the group’s public affairs work. Celebrations have been attended by many constituency MPs as well as Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and other cabinet ministers. The Duchess of York, national sports starts and other celebrities have also supported their local Supergrounds schools.

Politicians have been interested because Supergrounds offers a positive story. The programme has improved learning, wellbeing and enjoyment for over 223,000 children across the UK. Ninety per cent of participating schools said that their children were having more fun and were happier. Having a Supergrounds project also increases the average time children spend learning and playing outside by one hour per week, per child. That’s 31.4million hours over the course of this programme! What’s more, over 90% of schools said that they had introduced new ways of teaching and learning as a result. This will ensure that the programme will have a wider reaching, lasting legacy.

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