About LTL Cymru

LTL Cymru

Who are we?

LTL Cymru is the Welsh programme of LTL, the UK charity dedicated to enhancing outdoor learning and play for children.

What do we do?

We enrich the lives of children in Wales by increasing opportunities for healthy exercise, creative play, making friends, learning through doing and getting in touch with the natural world.

Where possible we encourage young people to have a say in the way their grounds are used and improved. As a result they learn to create and look after something valuable; their self-esteem grows and their behaviour improves, along with their potential to learn and achieve.

We achieve this by:

  • working alongside schools and nurseries to help them implement practical development projects that transform their outdoor spaces and their children’s school experiences
  • enabling schools and settings across Wales to develop and use their grounds creatively through training programmes, advisory visits, inspiring resources in print, film and online, membership support services and bespoke support of local authorities and other partners
  • advocating the importance to children of quality outdoor spaces and experiences in their schools and nurseries

The difference we make

Our surveys of schools who have improved their grounds demonstrate the benefits:

  • 85% of teachers said it resulted in more creative learning and environmental awareness.
  • 85% said that healthy active play had increased.
  • 65% observed improved attitudes to learning.
  • 73% said behavior had improved
  • 64% reported reduced bullying
  • 84% reported improved social interaction

LTL Cymru

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