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TTS Group

We're pleased to be continuing our partnership with TTS Group and to be working with them to develop their range of outdoor learning and play products.

LTL members can benefit from the partnership too! Visit the TTS website to browse their extensive range of resources and if you quote 'LTLM' when you place your order you'll receive a 5% discount on all products.



Expansive Education is about children developing their learning dispositions not only for a life of tests but also for the tests of life. The Expansive Education Network has local university providers, around the UK, who deliver action research workshops. Bill Lucas and Guy Claxton (founders) passionately believe that teacher enquiry into expansive education supports both their aims and school improvement.

We are delighted to announce that Learning through Landscapes has joined The Expansive Education Network (eedNET) as a pioneer and have been able to secure you a 10% discount if you wish to join. Membership costs are Secondary Schools £500/ now £450 for 6 teachers, each to attend 3 twilight workshops and Primary Schools £300/now £270 for 4 teachers, each to attend 3 twilight workshops. There are many further benefits, for example termly research digests.

To join the Expansive Education Network or for further information please contact Jenny (

or to sign up directly - click here and enter the code LTL10



Teach Nursery

Teach Nursery supports all nursery practitioners in creating an outstanding environment for early years education. The magazine's practical and accessible articles provide easily digested and forward thinking advice, making it a frequent point of reference for professionals in search of inspiration. Written by a team of early year’s experts, Teach Nursery delivers successful plans for play based learning, a working insight into educational psychology, and advice on how all those in an early years setting can contribute to placing their nursery at the heart of the community.

For 25% off your subscription to Teach Nursery - click here quoting the code TNULTL



Teach Primary

Every issue is brimming with ideas to help you with your teaching career. Each issue is packed with ideas and activities that will take the monotony out of lesson planning, with special features, lesson plans and product reviews. With articles written by teacher’s fresh from the chalkface, you won’t find another mag more insightful and relevant.

We also have regular articles from educational experts, including Head teacher of the year, Kevin Harcombe, to aid your professional development and keep you abreast of the latest changes to the KS1&2 curriculums.

For two free copies of Teach Primary - click here

For 25% off your subscription to Teach Primary - click here quoting the code TPRLTL



Teach Secondary

Teach Secondary offers a mix of advice, inspiration and experience from some of the most exciting and innovative thinkers and practitioners in the sector. Highlighting examples of best practice, encouraging lively and relevant debate, putting new products through their paces, and providing a regular collection of edgy and original lesson plans that can be adapted for any classroom, Teach Secondary is an essential resource.

For two free copies of Teach Secondary - click here

For 25% off your subscription to Teach Secondary - click here quoting the code TSELTL



NurseryWorld Training DVDs

Nursery World DVDs are an invaluable training resource for nursery practitioners and childminders. Linked to the EYFS framework and curriculum, these inspirational DVD sets provide practical advice and visual insight to help you understand and stimulate active learning and development for babies and young children.

For a 30% discount on NurseryWorlds Training DVDs - click here and enter the code LTLE at checkout

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