How can we help you?

How we can help you

School communities

Learning and play outdoors helps pupils to learn more effectively, become more active, develop social skills and connect with nature. Engaging pupils in making improvements to their grounds offers a great active citizenship project. You can build connections with parents and the local community and make your school a more enjoyable place in which to learn and teach.

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Early Years settings

Research evidence shows that changing urban and rural landscapes and lifestyles limits childrens’ opportunities to go outside and play. Early years settings often provide the main, or only, opportunity for children to play and learn outside, on a regular basis.

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Local authorities

We support local authorities to raise standards, improve attainment and deliver outcomes for children and young people. We do this by helping to transform the spaces in which children learn .

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Learning and play outdoors helps children to learn more effectively, become more active, develop social skills and connect with nature. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your child in an environment you probably remember cherishing as a child yourself.

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Foster Carers

Support and guidance for foster carers looking to take the children in their care outside.

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Corporate partners

Projects to transform school grounds have proven a popular and effective vehicle for community investment programmes.

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Construction professionals

LTL helps design and construction professionals transform children’s • learning and attainment • social skills and behaviour • health and wellbeing through supporting the design and development of great school grounds.

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Suppliers and service providers

At LTL we want every child to benefit from outdoor learning and play experiences – wherever they go to school or whatever early years setting they attend. It’s an ambitious vision and one we recognise that we can’t achieve on our own. That’s why we have adopted a strategy of building the capacity of other organisations and individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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