Community engagement

Community engagement

Two thirds of parents would like to get more involved in their child’s school life.*

If we want our children to learn that they can make a valuable contribution to wider society, then we need to give them real-life opportunities to do so.

There are many parents who are fed up with the poor environments at their child’s school, but need support and encouragement to get involved.

Projects to transform school grounds are a popular way for pupil and communities to work together.

The LTL/RBS Supergrounds programme has motivated over 5,600 employees, many of them parents, to get involved with supporting their local school.**

The wide variety of things to do, from fundraising activities to manual labour, means that school grounds projects appeal to a wide range of skills and interests.

They offer opportunities for pupils to take a leading role in managing and changing their world. What’s more, because the results are visible to the entire neighbourhood, such projects generate a shared sense of enduring pride.

Read examples of how projects to transform school grounds have engaged parents and the wider community in school life.

* BRMB social research report commissioned by DCSF on parental involvement in children’s education (England only). May 2008.

** From surveys of RBS employees participating in the Supergrounds programme between 2004 and 2010.

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